[nas] License clarification

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Tue Oct 8 12:22:01 MDT 2013

On Tue, 8 Oct 2013, Petr Pisar wrote:

> Hello,
> while reviewing nas-1.9.4 sources for license terms, I found following files
> which disagree with license terms stated in the README file:
> (1) server/dda/hpux/auhpux.h: unclear commercial use prohibition:
>> This program may be used freely within the UK academic community, but it
>> must not be used for commercial gain without the written permission of the
>> authors.
>> EMail :  cgu-info at cgu.mcc.ac.uk

I can remove this - I left it there originally because NAS is MIT
licensed, and all contributions are MIT licensed as well.  I spent
quite alot of time on this particular driver, so... Whomever this guy
was, he wasn't allowed to change the licensing after the fact.

I'll just remove that section of the comment block.  If he has a
problem with that, he can contact me and identify his specific changes
so we can remove them.

> (2) doc/xcon94slide.ps: All rights reserved (Frame Technology Corporation):
>> % FrameMaker PostScript Prolog 3.0, for use with FrameMaker 3.0
>> % Copyright (c) 1986,87,89,90,91 by Frame Technology Corporation.
>> % All rights reserved.

This is probably the tool used to create the slides.  They also state
that these are 'an unpublished work' which is clearly false.  I've
removed these comment blocks.

> (3) doc/overview.ps:    All rights reserved (Network Computing Devices)
> (4) doc/library.ps:     All rights reserved (Network Computing Devices)
> (5) doc/title.ps:       All rights reserved (Network Computing Devices)
> These files contain the same declaration as (2) and in addition:
>> % Copyright 1993 Network Computing Devices, Inc.  All rights reserved.
>> % An unpublished work.
> I believe (3)--(5) is only a mistake by NCD but with strict resolution, the
> files cannot be distributed because of `all rights reserved' clause.

We were never provided the document source code by NCD, so these are
original slides that I believe were presented at an X11 conference in
1994.  I've removed these lines.

There is an issue with title.ps though - under the copyright section it also
says 'All rights reserved' (not in a PS comment block).

I think in this case, it would be simpler to remove the entire
title.ps document itself, since it doesn't provide any useful
information anyway.  I will just do that, since I lack any ability to
edit it directly.

> Is any chance these issues could be somehow resolved by NAS developers side?
> These issues prevent software distributors, like various GNU/Linux
> distributions, to deliver original NAS to theirs users.

I think so.  The original NAS authors at NCD were quite sure they
wanted MIT licensing, like X11.

I've pushed these changes to the new git repo.

Jon Trulson

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