[nas] NAS to use as a tool to help blind users to remotely use the pc?

Simon Eigeldinger simon.eigeldinger at vol.at
Sat Jul 21 14:06:17 MDT 2012

Hi all,

I am Simon and i am blind.

I have a special question for you here.

As a blind person i can't see things that are displayed on the screen. 
so i can't use remote control software.
but our computers are often equipped with a software speech synthesizer 
which outputs its speech using the computers sound card.
so i wonder if nas could help me there to make the audio forward from 
the pc i am controlling with a different software to send me the audio 
signal which the remote machine is playing.

i have here various windows and linux machines.

if someone has a different suggestion what i should do feel free to tell 
me. i am interested in anything which works.


Simon Eigeldinger
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