[nas] Can't make it work on SunRay w/Solaris 8

Andy Stewart andy.stewart at sun.com
Tue Jun 12 09:28:51 MDT 2001

OK, I've found the working solution.  Hugo is correct in that there
isn't a /dev/audio or a /dev/audioctl on a SunRay server, and that these
things are routed through pseudo devices.  However, it is well known
that lots of apps hard code the references to /dev/audio.

To get around that problem, on Solaris 8, there is a library which one
must preload before running nasd on the SunRay server.  I'm told that
this library somehow magically grabs references to /dev/audio and "does
the right thing".  In any case, I did this and it works for me:

>From a /bin/sh script:
	nasd -aa &

Note that one does not want to preload this library for just any old
application as it seems to cause conflicts with some applications. 
Also, if you attempt to preload this library and it doesn't exist (ie.
you're not really on a SunRay server), nothing but built-ins will work
afterwards.  :-(




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