[nas] Can't make it work on SunRay w/Solaris 8

Hugo Lovhoiden Hugo.Lovhoiden at nr.no
Tue Jun 12 03:32:58 MDT 2001

On Mon, 11 Jun 2001, Andy Stewart wrote:

> HI all,
> I've loaded up nas-1.4.2a on my SunRay server running Solaris 8.  I fire
> up nasd and it immediately exits, thus:


When I last tried using nasd with my SunRay (december last), the problem
was that nasd had /dev/audio and /dev/audioctl hardcoded. Your SunRay
server routes audio through pseudo devices, the names of wich are stored
in $AUDIODEV. You can cheat (if you have root access...) and symlink
/dev/audio to $AUDIODEV and /dev/audioctl to ${AUDIODEV}ctl. But in
addition to all the obvious reasons for that being stupid, the SunRay
server periodically changes the $AUDIODEV for any given user session (I
don't know why or how often).

I'm not enough of a programmer to patch nasd into using $AUDIODEV if the
environment variable exists, but that would be the proper solution.

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