[nas] SunRay and Solaris 8 - not quite there yet...

Andy Stewart andy.stewart at sun.com
Fri Jun 29 09:38:53 MDT 2001

HI everybody,

Jon Trulson and I have been working on a problem with nasd and Sunray
with Solaris 8.  We seem to be stuck and are seeking your help.

Jon modified the ausuni.c file to look for the AUDIODEV environment
variable and to "do the right thing".  This works and allows me to play
short .au file (< 15Kbytes) without preloading libc_ut.so.  I can play
numerous .au files repeatedly without restarting nasd as long as they
are all shorter than (approx) 15Kbytes in size.

However, when I attempt to play a .au file > 15 Kbytes, the file plays,
but then the audio application (auplay, autool) fails to return to the
command prompt.  I saw this problem even before Jon's modification.  I
sent Jon the truss output which seems to indicate some sort of hang (Jon
could probably explain this better than I).

I sent to Jon the "offending" .au files and he is unable to reproduce
the problem (hence my plea for help).

I'm not sure what else to try - suggestions would be most welcome.  Do
others have this same setup, and does it work for you?

Thanks in advance,



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