[nas] new server/dda/sun/ausuni.c to test

Charles Levert charles at comm.polymtl.ca
Fri Aug 25 15:39:15 MDT 2000

You can find it at


Only about 25 lines of code are new or changed, but I played with the
formatting and comments, so a diff will be longer if you try it.  Look
for pendingTrigger, chunksPerSignal, SIGNAL_RATE, and trigger.

It implements a solution for the delayed SIGPOLLs without having to
change the dia (which assumes a constant sample count in each
processed chunk except the last, no matter what the sample rate is).
Basically, the signal handler now calls AuProcessData several times
while only triggering one new future signal in order to limit the
signal rate at higher sample rates.  The signal rate is now more or
less constant.


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