[nas] new server/dda/sun/ausuni.c to test

David Morano morano at computer.org
Fri Aug 25 18:42:28 MDT 2000

Charles Levert wrote :

> You can find it at
>	<URL:http://www.larim.polymtl.ca/~chuck/nas/ausuni.c>
> Only about 25 lines of code are new or changed, but I played with the
> formatting and comments, so a diff will be longer if you try it.  Look
> for pendingTrigger, chunksPerSignal, SIGNAL_RATE, and trigger.

You are a genius !  I didn't look at any code, I just ran the thing.
Hearing is the proof !!  Unbelievably it is about as perfect as
I can possibly detect !  It is a huge difference over the way it was !

I do not know if you are self employed or not.  If you are not
self employed, quit because they aren't paying you enough !
If you are self employed, give yourself a raise and charge more
money for your products.  You are a genius !

It probably works about as good as it can short of a rewrite
using asynchronous I/O (either with something like 'aiowrite(3)'
or a separate thread).

Thanks very much !

Dave Morano
morano at computer.org

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