[nas] Re: Sound dropouts using ALSA and NAS on Linux

David Morano morano at computer.org
Thu Aug 24 19:57:55 MDT 2000

Charles wrote :

> What I think I will try first, just in case, is to adjust the number of
> samples in a chunk according to the sample rate so that the SIGPOLL
> rate is constant.  This may be what fragsize does in nasd.conf,
> although by looking rapidly at the Linux dda (voxware) code I am not
> sure it is actually used.  (The other two frag values seem to be used.)
> I.e., 800/8000 is 0.1, while 800/44100 is about 0.018 and maybe the
> SunOS audio driver(s) are not able to sustain the latter, but would be
> able to sustain 4410/44100.  Sustain is not necessarily the right

Ya, do that if you can !! :-)  I will be happy to test it out for you.
I would have thought that maybe a constant SIGPOLL rate was already
coded into the thing for all sample rates !  Ya, that definitely sounds
promising.  Further, if I understand your proposal correctly, now the 
buffered delay will also be constant for all sample rates.

Thanks for the creative thinking !

Dave Morano
morano at computer.org

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