[conquest] what?! an invisible sun that kills?

Almighty Tallest Cataboligne god.000 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 13:07:56 MDT 2005

> I think you broke your client with
> > those changes you made.
Well I found the root of the problem. Issues with the dostand var.
In the original scheme it could be set the NUM_BASEPLANETS or NUMPLANETS.
Depending on the init you wanted. When you requested the standard planets be
on an init I changed the default from FALSE to TRUE...it really needed to be

But...now murisak doesnt disappear when set to inv.. no damage when its not
visible, but the client still shows it. either client, GL or curses. every
other planet list item is normal.

And the 0 army issue is with any sun, prob. on any version server. You
> slowly take damage. it takes awhile to drain the shield. I didnt try repair
> mode, you could prob. prevent any damage that way.

repair mode doesnt do it...damage is mimimal tho.

4 | 2
5--*----> 1 Thing is facing this direction
6 | 8
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