[conquest] what?! an invisible sun that kills?

Almighty Tallest Cataboligne god.000 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 12:44:49 MDT 2005

> You got this on my server(s)?

I tested it locally on my server (the custom code) - same thing.

I think you broke your client with
> those changes you made. Try a virgin 8.1.1 client (or the telnet
> interface if you must go retro).

didnt think of this...looks to be the case.
the only place it could happen is in the clbinitplanets.
but it must be a client only issue, as things look fine from the conqoper
twiddling data in conqoper prob. issues some kind of update.

darn, and I thought this was some cool as yet undiscovered feature.

And the 0 army issue is with any sun, prob. on any version server. You
slowly take damage. it takes awhile to drain the shield. I didnt try repair
mode, you could prob. prevent any damage that way.

4 | 2
5--*----> 1 Thing is facing this direction
6 | 8
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