[conquest] client lockup

Almighty Tallest Cataboligne god.000 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 21:05:17 MST 2005

> >I have a problem where the client freezes, then after
> >you kill the client and return to the game, the game
> >says you are already flying another ship. The only way
> >to fix it is to use Conqoper and "k"ill the player.
> >This sux because it locks out the player until I get
> >online to fix them. Shouldn't the server detect that
> >the player is gone and kill the ship or something?

Normally you can leave a ship vacant in the game and then return to it.

There is an issue that can stop this up.

You get a different slot when you recconnect.
Connect and DONT enter the game.  Then look at the '\' list in conqoper.
You will have a new slot.  When you hit 'e' on your client to enter it
you to the vacant slot.  Sometimes it doesnt want to switch over and just
tells you that you are already flying a ship in the game.  I have gotten
ship re-entry when this condition has occured, but I'm not really sure how
I cleared it up.

Also...you may have multiple set.  If you have the multiple flag set for
your user
it will always give you a new ship up to your multiple limit.  I've never
tested to see
if it allows a re-entry once this limit is set.


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