[conquest] 8.0.1q is now available.

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Tue Dec 21 19:13:06 MST 2004

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, David W. Payne wrote:
> Jon Trulson wrote:
>> On Mon, 20 Dec 2004, Almighty Tallest Cataboligne wrote:
>>>>          - When a team is geno'd, all armies of that team still
>>>>            residing on live ships are also destroyed.  A message is
>>>>            sent to a team when it is genocided notifying them of this.
> A player or team should not be  allowed to load a dummy ship with armies. 
> That
> is insurance against genocide and having to coup, just poor play.

 	Well it won't affect a geno at all. But couping is part of the 
game :)

> your team planets to avoid genocide.  And the name of this game is CONQUEST. 
> Not

 	Whoa... put...the..gun...down...and...step...back... :)

> A few options exist in my opinion. 1) This could be a run-time option like 
> doomsday machine and slingshot......    I think we
> should actually make a decision and implement it.  This option is wishy 
> washy......

 	Ick.  I'll pass.

> 2) Make the ship carrying armies non cloakable, the logic being that the 
> power needed to
> maintain and transport armies is just too high to allow cloaking at the same 
> time.  But that
> would change the logic of how people using cloaking now.

 	Well, beig able to bomb/beam while cloaked was rather useful
against WM and his multi-ship onslaught if I recall.  I say waste the 
armies on a geno.

> 3) Put a timer on 
> life expectancy of ship armies of team genocided ships to give the 
> player/user
> a chance to populate/reconquer some planet (5 min).

 	I'd also rather not introduce timers and the like for this.  More 
complex than it needs to be.

 	I think we should just waste the armies.  Haven't heard Cat's 
option yet.

> I personally believe that coup time should be limited to five to seven or 
> eight minutes tops.

 	Right now, MIN_COUP_MINUTES = 10 and MAX_COUP_MINUTES = 45 .

 	You could have a long wait.

> I recently ran into a 25 minute period for reorganizing after a failed coup 
> and that was
> way, way too long.

 	The original code was on the matter of hours minimum for a coup. 
(min was 2hrs, max was 4hrs).  Ouch.

 	I'd prefer to make these selections based on what people who play 
the game can agree on rather than me just decide arbitrarily.  Maybe 
someday we can have a vote on tweaking some of Conquest's constants :)


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