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Tue Dec 21 19:12:20 MST 2004

> I think whomever started this thread should of had the decency
> to post this to the conquest mailing list.  We NEED to make

What do you mean?
It was posted to the list by the person that started it... here is the header:

From: Jon Trulson <jon at radscan.com>
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To: Conquest <conquest at radscan.com>
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 13:33:32 -0700 (MST)
Subject: [conquest] 8.0.1q is now available.

> use of that list and get others on it too.

My initial reply was meant to be private.   I'm working very long
hours right now and dont have time to sit down and think about video

> >     The thinking being, what are you doing flying around with armies
> > when your last planet is going down?

Well, for one by taking more planets you can prevent a genocide.
(And isnt this supposed to be about conquest?  Taking planets, ruling
the universe, that sort of thing?  You dont conquer by sitting around
defending a few planets.)

For instance, if you are playing one ship against Wintermutes armada,
pretty much your only strategy is to get an army planet somewhere, let
him steal your home system and wait till he's occupied elsewhere to
take it back.

> A player or team should not be  allowed to load a dummy ship with
> armies.  That

What if  you have to duck out to do something important, like attend your wife?
You might just be in the middle of taking some planets when some knob
decides to genocide you.  They get the geno, and you can then

> is insurance against genocide and having to coup, just poor play.

Not true in either case - the genocide happens if your ship is
carrying.  And whats the difference between beaming armies down and
getting a coup?  You will be left with 1 army planet with a very small

> A player/team that is going down should not be allowed the insurance of
> carrying
> armies around to avoid having to coup.  That player/team should be
> working hard
> at defending team planets.

Bullshit pure and simple...what if you are overwhelmed?  either
against mutiple players, or a Wintermute type player.  Grabbing some
armies and running is the best thing you can do when outnumbered.  It
might be slimy for 3 or 4 real human players (so is runinning multiple
ships when you have multiple real players), but for a lone gunman
facing insurmountable odds, it may be the only way to save your race!

> Why shouldn't the armies disappear?  The civilization the armies were a
> part of

Because its just plain wrong...why cant you understand that?

> your team planets to avoid genocide.  And the name of this game is

Who are you to judge someones method of play?  What if the rest of us
judged your methods and found them in-appropriate.  And told everyone
our opinion...would you be pleased with that?  (And yes I realize I've
called Wintermute a cheater because he doesnt play by the "old" rules
that I consider honorable.  Well, life is a fine line to walk...)

> That is fair and life isn't fair anyway.

No, I do not believe killing a carrier ships armies is fair.

And why shouldnt we do everything in our power to make people (and
animals) lives more fair?

> Armies are not "crew".  Logically, armies may be transported to around
> but they need to be

Yes, I was suggesting that they be considered such.

> >     Let's discuss/agree on a proper course of action.

Discuss yes, agree...well I'm not sure we are going to reach a
collective agreement here...for instance - I'm convinced I'm right. 
(I'm really stubborn too.)

> > cloaked carrier sitting out there somewhere just so the team can avoid
> > a coup. But, as I said, I am not married to it :)

A coup gives you 1 army planet with a small number of armies...a
carrier attack would give you 1 army planet with less armies than a
coup in all likely hood...the team / individual attacking is still
getting a geno, whether you coup or have a carrier.  So what could it
possibly matter?  You cant prevent the genocide by carrying armies -
and you are no further ahead whether you coup or just take a planet!

My stand is this - changing the state of a live players ship like that is wrong.
You want thier carrier eliminated, go blow it up yourself.  If they
cloak to hide, find them.  Its that simple.

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