[nas] Configuring NAS and libaudiooss

Paul Fox pgf at foxharp.boston.ma.us
Wed Jan 23 09:21:33 MST 2002

you're not giving a very complete picture of what you're doing,
but let's see...

 > OK, I have NAS and libaudiooss installed.  When I use audemo and auplay

on your linux box, i guess?

 > sound comes out.  I've read the documents several times and I am still

sound comes out locally on the linux server, i assume.  i'll come back
to this, down below.

 > not really understanding how to set this up to redirect sound to the NCD
 > xterminals.  When I do 
 > export LD_PRELOAD=/user/X11R6/lib/libaudiooss.so.1.0
 > I get no sound (from audemo or auplay or from anything) and I'm not sure
 > what I am missing.  Thanks!

i think we need some clarity on the pieces that make up NAS.

    - there are clients, which send sound to NAS servers.  clients
	include auplay, audemo, NAS-enabled apps like some versions
	of mpg123, and _any_ sound app that operates in the presence
	of libaudiooss.  so by running auplay with libaudiooss loaded,
	you're doing sort of an incorrect double indirection.  this
	isn't what libaudiooss is for -- it should be used with
	programs that _aren't_ NAS-aware, like realaudio.

    - there are NAS servers.  nasd is a NAS server, and accepts connections
	from any of the clients above.  NCD X-terminals are also NAS
	servers, and also accept connections from clients.

how do clients find NAS servers?  by following the AUDIOSERVER environment
variable.  because the design of NAS was to mimic X, and send sound to
the places your graphics are going, the value in AUDIOSERVER needs
to look a lot like a DISPLAY variable.

if the AUDIOSERVER variable isn't set, then the clients effectively
assume that they should connect to a local NAS server, which is probably
what happens when you simply run "auplay".

so:  if you're on an X-terminal named "myterm", try this:

$ export AUDIOSERVER=myterm:0.0
$ auplay foo.wav

and see what happens.

hope this helps!  (and i hope i haven't made too many assumptions about
what's going wrong.)

 paul fox, pgf at foxharp.boston.ma.us (arlington, ma, where it's 44.1 degrees)

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