[nas] Configuring NAS and libaudiooss

Janyne Kizer janyne_kizer at ncsu.edu
Wed Jan 23 09:03:42 MST 2002

OK, I have NAS and libaudiooss installed.  When I use audemo and auplay
sound comes out.  I've read the documents several times and I am still
not really understanding how to set this up to redirect sound to the NCD
xterminals.  When I do 

export LD_PRELOAD=/user/X11R6/lib/libaudiooss.so.1.0

I get no sound (from audemo or auplay or from anything) and I'm not sure
what I am missing.  Thanks!

Janyne Kizer
CNE-3, CNE-4, CNE-5
Systems Programmer Administrator I
NC State University, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Extension and Administrative Technology Services
Phone: (919) 515-3609

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