[Conquest] IRC channel

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Sun Sep 2 18:00:20 MDT 2012

On Sun, 2 Sep 2012, Jon Trulson wrote:

> On Sun, 2 Sep 2012, Matt Adams wrote:
>> Does anyone have any interest in securing an IRC channel on Freenode for
>> Conquest?  Just thinking that I would hang out in the in there since
>> I'll be working on the game.  It would give people a spot to
>> collaborate, etc.
> That's an interesting idea, hadn't thought of that.  Not sure how many
> would be interested.  I notice that there already is a #conquest irc
> on freenode, though it looks abandoned.  Would have to see what's
> involved in trying to register it, if it's not already owned by
> someone.

Ok, so I chatted with a freenode admin - I've been given prelim
founder status for #conquest - so, all you thousands of
conquest-i-dors can hang out on chat.freenode.net, #conquest and have
fun :)

Of course, that probably means I should spend some time finishing the
conquest related stuff I was working on :)

Jon Trulson

Atoms are what make us matter.

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