[nas] NAS client server sound question

Paul Fox pgf at foxharp.boston.ma.us
Sun Nov 25 09:18:48 MST 2007

admin at mmri.us wrote:
 > 1) FYI
 > On Vanilla new install FC7 nasd do not start;
 > [init.d]#  ./nasd status
 > nasd dead but subsys locked
 > [init.d]#

perhaps someone running fedora can look into this.  i only run debian
and ubuntu.

 > Otherwise:
 > 2) My big problem is to have sound from my applications called in e.g.
 > mozilla/Firefox/seamonkey to have sound on the remote terminal
 > when the browser runs on server.  In the past (Netscape 4.79)
 > I could just configure helpers (e.g.  realplay %s) and the
 > browser would forward the stream or USRL to the remote
 > relaplayer.  It does not work that way anymore as the entire
 > mozilla development seemingly becomes less Unix and therefore
 > I look for a better solution (hoepful for NAS).

for programs such as these, which don't have NAS support builtin, the
only thing you can try is using audiooss.  audiooss is a library
which causes the native sound driver access to be redirected via NAS.

 > 3) So, you are saying that if I run nasd on the remote terminals and I
 > start a (compatible) program on the server from the remote terminal,
 > that sound will be streamed to the remote terminal sound-card? That is
 > exactly what I need.


 > Should nasd also be started on the server?


 paul fox, pgf at foxharp.boston.ma.us (arlington, ma, where it's 39.4 degrees)

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