[nas] NAS 1.9.1 (stable) is now available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Sat Nov 10 17:52:18 MST 2007

     NAS 1.9.1 (stable) is available.  There's been alot of cleanups
     (removal of 'register' declarations) and enhancements to aupanel.

     The main focus of this release was to fix up the bogus signal
     handling that the voxware (OSS) server was doing, which caused
     problems on newer linux kernels, and probably alot of other random
     machines/platforms as well.

     Source tarball:

     SVN tagged release:

     SVN current (possibly unstable) development:

     Here's the HISTORY chunk:

Version 1.9.1 (stable) 11/10/2007

    - per a request from Frank Büttner (fedora maintainer), and in the
      interest of providing the 'least surprise' for a user, nasd will
      no longer initialize the mixer settings at start up, by default.
      The default value of 'InitMixer' is now set to 'NO' in the
      /etc/nasd/conf file.

      See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=247468 for the
      bug report.

    - based on patch from Frank Büttner, nasd will create it's local
      socket, and libaudio will look for it, in /var/run/nasd/audio*.
      on Linux systems.  In reality, this should probably apply to all
      'modern' unix systems (Solaris, *BSD, etc), but only Linux is
      affected by this change now.

      See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=250453 for the bug

      The downside is that /var/run is not writable by normal users, so
      if a user is trying to run the nasd server, s/he will get an error
      about being unable to bind to the socket, and nasd will not start.
      The workaround is to run nasd with the '-pn' (partial network)
      option.  This way, nasd will bind to a local TCP transport and
      start successfully even if the local socket transport cannot be
      initialized (though you will still see the error when nasd

      Additionally, users on the local host trying to play sounds
      through a server started this way may need to set their
      AUDIOSERVER environment variable to 'localhost:0' for example,
      rather than the default ':0' in order to play sounds.

      Of course if nasd is started as root at system startup time, then
      this is not a problem.

    Version 1.9a (devel) 10/27/2007

    - this is a possible 1.9.1 (stable) release in a couple weeks.

    - modify intervalProc to stop/start the timer around AuProcessData()
      calls, rather than simply disable the signal handler.  This should
      ensure that we never lose a timer signal, and seems to fix the
      reported nasd hangs under newer linux kernels (2.6.21+).

      The *BSD folks should make sure everything still works, it

    - rework signal handling in the voxware (OSS) server.  This also
      allows DIA to block/unblock interrupts at he appropriate times

    - apply patch from Yarda that corrects a problem with blocking and
      unblocking signals in IntervalProc() (auvoxware). [jet - this
      patch was removed in the patches further up]

    - remove mention of the auvoxware manpage from the filelist (for src
      packaging), and remove the doc/html/auvoxware.1.html file.

    - Apply patches from Erik Auerswald:

      - the recent bug report from a fedora 7 user showed a small bug
        with the input mixer code: If the input mixer cannot control the
        input channels a wrong error message is printed. The attached
        patch fixes this.

      - remove auvoxware.man from the voxware Imakefile

      - aupanel: add option -interval to synopsis section of man page

      - add automatic querying of device attributes to aupanel with a
        default query interval of 10 seconds

      - make the nasd.conf man page formatting more consistent

    - more cleanup and removal of old/useless files.

    - remove useless nas.lsm file.

    - sync up for copying repository to sourceforge.

    - Patch from Stefan Huehner:

      - remove SleepQueue functionality which is apparently not being
        used anywhere.

    - remove useless 'register' declarations

    - convert Swap32Write for K&R to ANSI.  Also, define it's buffer
      pointer as AuUint32 rather than 'long', which was wrong, but
      worked accidentally.

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