[nas] Re: Couple of nas things

Mark Davies mark at MCS.VUW.AC.NZ
Fri Jun 3 07:05:30 MDT 2005

On Friday 03 June 2005 16:24, Jon Trulson wrote:

>  	Ahh.. I need to update autoconf? or?  What version contains
> knowlege of DragonFly?

I'll leave Joerg to answer that.

> > One comment from me about the WaitFor.c patch.  Since that file already
> > does an include of <errno.h>  shouldn't we just delete this "extern int
> > errno" line completely?

>  	Hmm.  Yes, I would prefer to simply delete it (it's wrong on
> modern systems anyway).  For those older systems that do not contain the
> proper errno int in errno.h (are there any we care about?), we can handle
> those special cases with ifdefs.  Soound ok?

Sounds fine to me.  Are there actually any systems that have an errno.h that 
doesnt have a declaration for errno in it (rather than systems that don't 
have an errno.h at all - a case we already don't handle)?

>  	Hmm..  RCMANDIR == FILEMANDIR only on linux at the moment,
> everyone else uses MANDIR...  Won't this be a problem for other OS's?
> Does everyone else define FILEMANDIR?  Personally, I don't really care as
> long as 'man nasd.conf' works :)

As far as I can see FILEMANDIR is a standard variable that imake sets on all 

> > and remove all the places that RCMAN{DIR,SUFFIX} are set?
>  	If this won't break other systems, I certainly have no problem
> with that... I'll cc the NAS list in case someone has an opinion on this
> one way or the other...
>  	Were you going to send seperate patch(es) I can apply? Or should I
> cut/paste from your email?

OK here it is

--- server/Imakefile.orig	2005-06-04 01:00:25.000000000 +1200
+++ server/Imakefile	2005-06-04 01:02:42.000000000 +1200
@@ -80,21 +80,18 @@
 #ifdef SunArchitecture
 #define CanBuildAuServer	YES
 ALL1 = nasd
 #define BuildSunServer
 #ifdef SGIArchitecture
 #define CanBuildAuServer	YES
 ALL1 = nasd
 #define BuildSGIServer
 #if defined(HPArchitecture) && !defined(LinuxArchitecture)
 #define CanBuildAuServer        YES
 ALL1 = nasd
 #define BuildHPServer
@@ -102,14 +99,6 @@
 #if defined(i386SVR4Architecture) || defined(__FreeBSD__) || 
defined(FreeBSDArchitecture) || defined(LinuxArchitecture) || 
defined(i386BsdArchitecture) || defined(USLArchitecture) || 
 # define CanBuildAuServer	YES
-# if defined(LinuxArchitecture)
-    RCMANSUFFIX = 5nas
-# else
-# endif
 # if defined(cygwinArchitecture)
 ALL1 = nasd.exe
 # else
@@ -227,9 +216,9 @@
 #ifdef InstallGenManPage


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