[nas] NAS, esd, and Qt 3

Michael Morris memorris at t1cc.com
Tue Aug 26 08:09:07 MDT 2003

I am a software developer and developing a cross-platform application
using Qt 3.  This application needs to play sounds from sound files. 
Usinf the Qt QSound class seemed like the best way to approach this at
first.  After downloading nas and installing it, rebuilding Qt with the
'-system-nas-sound' option enabled it still does not seem to work.

I typically ruin esd.  I have tried stopping esd and using esddsp but to
no avail.  When nasd is running and I try to play a sound from my app
the following errors are dumped to the console by nasd, then it quits.

Binding TCP socket: Address already in use
Fatal server error:
Cannot establish tcp listening socket

On the client side, 
Binding Unix socket: Address already in use
Cannot establish unix listening socket

Can anyone help get this running?


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