[nas] (fwd) The Nasd Server for Windows Is now ready

Escuder Nicolas n.escuder at alineanet.com
Mon Jun 17 04:55:42 MDT 2002


I put the link on the main page ;o))
I thinks with this all work :o)

see you


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> Jon Trulson wrote:
> [snip]
> >
> >         ;-) I can get to linux.intra-links.net, but all of the links
> > take me back to the main page again... If you would like, you can send
> > a tar/pkzip archive and I can make it available from this site until
> > web site is straightened out...
> >
> >         Also, Martin - I know nothing about cygwin under windows, so I
> > can't halp here.
> I tried it with Netscape4.76 and got quasi-empty pages, but it worked
> with MS IE5.5 and also with Netscape6.
> Nicolas, could you fix this web page so it works with Netscape4? Many
> people do not use NS6 yet, feeling it is not *that* stable yet.
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