[nas] (fwd) The Nasd Server for Windows Is now ready

Michel Bardiaux mbardiaux at peaktime.be
Mon Jun 17 03:10:57 MDT 2002

Jon Trulson wrote:
>         ;-) I can get to linux.intra-links.net, but all of the links just
> take me back to the main page again... If you would like, you can send me
> a tar/pkzip archive and I can make it available from this site until your
> web site is straightened out...
>         Also, Martin - I know nothing about cygwin under windows, so I
> can't halp here.

I tried it with Netscape4.76 and got quasi-empty pages, but it worked
with MS IE5.5 and also with Netscape6.

Nicolas, could you fix this web page so it works with Netscape4? Many
people do not use NS6 yet, feeling it is not *that* stable yet.

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