[nas] (fwd) The Nasd Server for Windows Is now ready

Escuder Nicolas n.escuder at alineanet.com
Sat Jun 15 07:40:24 MDT 2002


I really need holidays i thinks :o)

So i change all link the intra-links.com at intra-links.net
And if i don't change one, i change the primary and secondary NS on NSI.com
So when the propagate of DNS was good The Two site will work but now,

You can get it from Intra-Links.net

I try outside of my business because in the name intra-links.com was resole
i'm very sorry for this incovenience...

See you soon...

PS : Look at the README.txt in the zip package if you want to use it :o)

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From: Martin Wolters
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Sent: Saturday, June 15, 2002 4:17 AM
Subject: Re: [nas] (fwd) The Nasd Server for Windows Is now ready

Unfortunately I am not a real cygwin expert. I tried to compile the patched
version under cygwin-b20, but when building libaudio.dll gcc is complaining
about the "!<symlink>../../" in the include/audio directories saying

parse error before !


parse error at: '..'

Any ideas? Do I need to use a specific cygwin version?


Jon Trulson wrote:

On Fri, 14 Jun 2002, Martin Wolters wrote:
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 17:11:34 -0700From: Martin Wolters
<martinw at atc.creative.com>To: nas at radscan.comCc: Escuder Nicolas
<n.escuder at alineanet.com>Subject: Re: [nas] (fwd) The Nasd Server for
Windows Is now readyHi Nicolas,I can't download the file. The last working
link I get
ut if I use that, it still comes back with an error about
intra-links.comLooks like some mis-configuration on the server.I am *really*
looking forward to test t0 hat version. It would be so cool
if that works ...
 Hi, I'll go ahead and attach the patch he sent me in case someonewants to
try to build it - it's surprisingly small. It seems that undercygwin, the
audio sybsystem is just OSS (voxware).  The patch just looksmostly like
building issues. I've just briefly looked over it and have a few questions
I'll askhim about later, then I'll put it into a 1.5d. The patch is
diffedagainst 1.5a.
-MEscuder Nicolas wrote:
Sorry i do an errorit's http://linux.intra-links.net ;o)i don't change the
Name Serve for intra-links.com :o)))----- Original Message -----From: "Jon
Trulson" <jon at radscan.com>To: <nas at radscan.com>Cc:
<n.escuder at alineanet.com>Sent: Friday, June 14, 2002 7:51 PMSubject: [nas]
(fwd) The Nasd Server for Windows Is now ready
[Hi, I'm forwarding this message from n.escuder at alineanet.com whohadn't yet
subscribed to the list when he sent this message. I thinkthe URL is wrong
though, as I get 'Host not found (authoritative). -Jon]
From: "Escuder Nicolas" <n.escuder at alineanet.com>To:
<nas at radscan.com>Subject: The Nasd Server for Windows Is now readyDate: Fri,
14 Jun 2002 17:39:45 +0200Hello,You will find the binary of Nasd Server and
some clienton http://linux.intra-links.com (A French page, i'm french sorruy
;o))) )In the future the author will include the patch and the binarie i
thinkon the webpage :o)in waiting i put the binarie on my web page ;o)see
you all.Nicolas
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