[nas] Some problems with SunRay

David Morano morano at ele.uri.edu
Wed Oct 10 16:08:52 MDT 2001

Andy Stewart (Volume Server Products Group - Sun Microsystems) wrote :

> This event seems to hang the nasd server, requiring it to be killed and
> restarted.  The nasd server sits there thus:
>	ioctl(6, AUDIO_DRAIN, 0x00000000) (sleeping...)

If the NASD server is hung here then it is reasonable that the
client ('auplay') is also hung, waiting for a response from the

:-) :-)  I am not a NASD guy so I really do not know anything but if
the server is just sitting there in that 'ioctl()' idle (without
looping around it continuously for example), then it looks like there
is a bug in the audio driver on your Sun Ray server box running 
Solaris 8 !  A drain should not last forever !

In general, I have also noticed problems running NASD on Solaris 8 but
I have not had any time to investigate it.  I no longer can run NASD on
Solaris 8 as a result.  I run Solaris 8 with the audio multiplexing
turned on and that *may* be tricking NASD to hang in some way !!!  I
have had some problems with NASD on all recent Solarii for years now.
What is really needed is for some Sun guys to volunteer to clean up
both Solaris (as needed) and NASD so that it runs without problems !

Do you have all of the latest patches for Solaris 8 installed ?

Dave Morano
morano at computer.org

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