[nas] NAS client to NCD MCX?

Julian Boot julian at dstc.monash.edu.au
Mon Feb 26 00:33:22 MST 2001

I hope this is not too off topic, but I am wondering if
anyone has had any luck getting recent NAS clients talking
to the server on an NCD MCX xterm?

I have a recent server built which runs fine on linux and clients
can play audio talking to that server.  However, I have not
been able to get the same clients sending audio to the MCX. It
seems there is nothing listenting on port 8000? 

Documentation (and NCDWare!) is hard to get and I'm wondering
if anyone here knows how to configure the MCX NAS server? I
using Xncd19c, NCDWare 3.2.1



          julian boot <j at pobox.com>
))X((     senior research scientist
elvin     http://elvin.dstc.edu.au

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