[conquest] re: image possibilities

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Tue Nov 27 19:42:47 MST 2007

On Tue, 27 Nov 2007, Almighty Tallest Cataboligne wrote:

> Hi.
> couldnt uncover the old thread for image ideas.  duh.
> Along the lines of black hole images - this is a cool rendering.
[.. freaking unbelievable URL snipped...]
> Ug.  jeez, nice link.  lets try the image addy.
> http://a52.g.akamaitech.net/f/52/827/1d/www.space.com/images/strange_spc_blackhole_02.jpg

    Nice... I had a particular fondness for this version of a black
    hole as well (attached).

> later.


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