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Almighty Tallest Cataboligne god.000 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 00:02:19 MST 2007

A happy new year?
the jury is out on this one so far.

last week for no discernable reason the root and data partition under
_linux_ on my new 320G sata hard drive went read-only!  I'm 99.9% certain it
was a hardware fault, but have not found any clues as to why.

I recovered the data partition but had to reboot to recover the
root...really screwed up quite a few files.  I have a recent root (/)
backup, but sheesh.  some good came of this - I finally found a workaround
for the big debian apt-get upgrade thats been piling up since xfwm4 fucking
refuses to uninstall so the upgrade can proceed.

if this wasnt enough, at ~11:00pm 12.31.6 I was trying to install XP and it
wiped the partition table and put some junk in there!!  this must still be
done because apparently dvdrecord on linux cant be bothered to burn dvdr-DL
on the drive I got just to backup some stuff for a friend.

now whilst I have all critical data backed up most of the time, a 320G drive
has just got too much stuff to keep everything backed up most of the time.
heck even part of the time.  needless to say this would have severly hurt
conquest devel if I were stuck restoring all files, configs, environments,

luckily I stumbled across this while steaming along under knoppix:
damn thing works like a charm - every partition restored in all its
glory...so if you ever accidentally (or perhaps intentionally on winblows
part, those rotten bastards) wipe a partition table - keep a copy of that
available on some bootable media. (it is a command line app, so no need for

looks like I'll be spending the year doing backups.

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