[conquest] Conquest 8.2a (devel) is now available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Mon Nov 27 17:59:55 MST 2006

  It can be found at:

        Source tarball:

        Musicpak tarball:

        SVN tagged release:

        SVN current (possibly unstable) development:

   Fellow Conquistadors,

   This release is a major revision that adds actual sound support to
   the conquest OpenGL client (conquestgl), based on patches and sound
   from Cataboligne.  It utilizes SDL and the SDL_mixer API.

   It is truly a step up in the evolution of Conquest :)

   Due to it's size, the music files are packaged in a seperate
   'musicpak' tarball.  If you want that full Conquest effect, download
   the musicpak and unpack it in your ~/.conquest/ directory.

   Effect and Music volumes can be configured from the (O)ptions page
   within the game.

   The following is the HISTORY snippet:

8.2a (devel) 11/27/2006

        - Added sound support using SDL and the SDL_mixer API based on
          patches and samples from Cataboligne.

          This version supports sound effects for phasers, torps,
          explosions, and pile of other things.

          In addition, an optional 'musicpak' tarball provides some
          appropriate Conquest music to listen to during your campaign
          of terror.

          The musicpak is located on the webpage with the source
          tarball and can be installed by unpacking it into your
          ~/.conquest/ directory.

          SDL and SDL_mixer development header files and libs are
          required.  All sound effects and music are supplied in OGG
          Vorbis (.ogg) format.  I believe all linux systems at least,
          support OGG in their SDL implementation.

          Sound is only supported in the OpenGL (conquestgl) client.

          I have to say thanks again to Mr. Cataboligne - sound is a
          definite improvment to the Conquest experience :)

        The following is a somewhat more detailed log of the sound
        work.  You do not really need to read it unless you are curious
        about the details :)

        - Add option (-S) to disable sound in conquestgl.

        - Effect and Music volume (if you installed the musicpak) are
          configurable from the options page.  Sounds, like textures,
          can be overridden by the user.

        - moved the music into a seperate area in the repository
          (music/).  Music is packaged in it's own tarball since it's
          pretty large (15MB).  To hear the glorious music of Conquest,
          you must unpack the musicpak tarball into your ~/.conquest/

          The effects are shipped in the main src tarball as they are
          small in comparison :)

          If you have a checked out version of the repository, you can
          create the musicpak tarball by running 'makemuspkg'.

        - fixed doomsday beam sound to not try to fire more than once
          per second, and made it a positional sound.

        - moved doomsday_theme checks into nCP.c.

        - add beep sounds for alert, message, and error conditions.
          The sounds aren't too bad, if you have better ones... :)

        - hook up 'hit' effect.  If you take more then 5 points of
          damage, it will play.

        - fix problem with volume.  If an effect isn't using a panning
          mixer effect, then make sure all panning is disabled for that
          channel.  Failure to do this results in non-positional
          effects playing at half their normal volume.

          As a result of this fix, went through soundrc and re-adjusted
          (equalized) some of the effect volumes.

        - rework themes() stuff, move into nCP.c

        - set the alert klaxon loop couts in soundrc to 0 (infinite).

        - Apply Cat's patch adding the themes() stuff and a few misc
          effect hookups.

        - fix clbCheckLaunch() to fail if weapons are overloaded.

        - Add option (-S) to disable sound in conquestgl.

        - Add support for .src (add-on sound RC files).  These work the
          same as texture add-on files (.trc), allowing operators or
          users to override sound related definitions.  They are looked
          for in the system-wide <install prefix>/etc/ directory, then
          the user's ~/.conquest/ directory.

        - beef up configure a bit.  Properly detect when SDL headers
          are missing (sound support) and glut/GL headers are missing
          (OpenGL support).  Don't try to build the relevant OpenGL and
          sound bits if not supported.

        - when searching for .trc and .src files, sort the filenames
          first before loading them, so that they are always loaded in
          a consistent order (alphabetically).

        - add engine background sound (engine).

        - converted all .wav's to .ogg's.

        - Initial sound support based on work by Cat.  soundrc and
          associate parser working.  Can init SDL/SDL_mixer and
          load/use sounds.  Yay.

Jon Trulson
mailto:jon at radscan.com 
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