[conquest] Re: new conquest strategy guide

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Tue Nov 7 18:25:41 MST 2006

On Tue, 31 Oct 2006, Almighty Tallest Cataboligne wrote:

> Conquest survivors


> Consider the guide done.  The option section is finished and the character
> count is near the article max for the weblog software.
> I may yet read through it and simplify some areas...other than that consider
> the guide finished.
> Have a read.  if you think you found a glaring error, let me know.  (at this
> point I'm not willing to quibble over semantics unless some text is really
> confusing.)

         Ok, I read it in more detail and it looks really nice.  I also
         'forgot' to add a link to it from the conquest page.  Now
         done, sorry...

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