[conquest] Conquest 8.1.2ng1 development snapshot is available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Tue Jan 24 21:22:16 MST 2006

On Tue, 24 Jan 2006, Almighty Tallest Cataboligne wrote:

>>>       http://radscan.com/conquest/conquest-8.1.2ng1.src.tar.gz
> Urr.  I had to take a break from this code base, so I have not installed


> this yet.
> Busy right this moment upgrading my network with wireless hub/cards and
> better graphics cards.
> The current goal is better support for GL games on my network.
> My comments are based from the code submitted prior to this update.  As yet
> I have no idea what changes Jon made in implementing what I submitted.

         A couple lines or so. :)

>>        1. Shields... In general, I do not like the new shield graphics...
>> I think the shield graphics used on the icon display is actaully much
>> better - I'd prefer that.  The new sh graphics are just too
>> big/distracting.
> There were a few options to control live shield gfx.  It should not be
> difficult to change the gfx to the design
> you want - i.e. the luminous cloud deal.

         Yeah, this was not meant as a list of things for you to fix :)
         I was just trying to get an idea of what others thought.

>>        2. Any ideas for re-arranging the icon hud so things are more
>> readable?
> Need txf font files for all the hud stuff...I was working on this and had to
> walk away when I hit a few stumbling blocks.
> The tools to make txf's cant get ttf fonts even though my OS can use them.

   Ahh, yes, it requires bdf (standard X11 format) fonts.  I wonder if
   there's a tool out there to convert a ttf to bdf...

> This leads to recoding the txf making tool.  I'm not prepared to get into
> that yet.
>       3. 'Team colors'.  I find this stuff actually quite confusing.
> Team colors should have and off option - which should be the default...in
> that case the original red/yellow/green should be used.  Though, if no one
> else will use them, putting an #ifdef set around the code would do fine.

         But would you even use them in battle?

>>        4.  Numeric indicators for heading and warp.  I'd like them to be
>> bigger.  Also, I find reading the graphical warp indicator... not so easy
>> - sometimes I have to search for the indicator line.  Maybe this indicator
>> should be more obvious?
> The numbers can be tweaked.
> I know a better positioning system needs to be done for the hud.
> I'll take another look at the heading pointer, but with my upgrade to TFT
> monitors, I doubt my visual is going to help.

         Well the headin indicator is ok (need begger numbers) - it was
         the warp line I had trouble locating quickly.  Maybe I'm just
         used to looking at the number...

>       5. tactical grids.  Look nice.  The relative gamma for these needs
>> to be equalized however, so that a 'brightness' of 50 for example looks
>> the same regardless of what grid (team) you are using.
> I'll take some samples and compare those.  Shouldnt be hard to achieve this.

         Yeah, was just going to fire them all up in gimp (at the same
         time) and go from there.

>       A couple of other changes I forgot to mention for the ng1 release:
>>        - reworked the vbg code so that tac and vbg aren't mutually
>> exclusive.  A future addition will be an ALT-G hotkey for toggling the
>> grid.
> Thought I had a grid toggle key?  Vbg with the tac?  maybe good...the vbg
> should have an swap key too.

         There was no grid toggle.  I like the vbg, the grid isn't bad
         either, so yes, I'd probably use both.  The vbg toggle is ALT-B.

>       - directional torp vectors are now standard for all ships.  I
>> reworked this somewhat to base the angle() on the torp's delta direction
>> of fire, rather than the lastblast dir (which can change between the time
>> the torp fire command was sent, and when it actually shows up on your
>> screen).  Much more reliable :)
> Cool, I had no idea how to do this without server data on the torp.

         Ah... Just use the torp dx/dy delta's at x/y = 0 coords and
         take the angle(). :)

>       - Cat had provided different explosion graphics for each team.  I
>> removed this as I think explosions should look the same regardless of
>> what is exploding.
> Hope you just replaced the data in the image resource file...I like the
> different explosions.

         Right now only the 'normal' explosions are present.  Once
         animation stuff is done, they could be added back, though I'd
         want other opinions on them.

         I think that all things explode the same way in most universes :)

> My hardware and network changes should be done in a week (I hope.)
> I'll try and get back to this then.  Besides at that point I can do some in
> house testing!

         Yes, I want to redo the hud geometry stuff as the first thing :)

> Regards,
> -Cat-

         Welcome back..

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