[conquest] Problem building on FreeBSD-6.0-RELEASE

Ralph Moritz ralmoritz at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 02:04:13 MST 2006

I had a problem building on my FreeBSD box. The problem was gcccomplaining about undefined references to SIGCLD. I grep'ed forit in /usr/include/sys/signal.h but it wasn't there.
$ pwd/usr/home/ralmoritz/src/conquest-8.1.2$ grep -n SIGCLD *.[ch]conqmetad.c:517:  signal(SIGCLD, SIG_IGN);     /* allow children to die */conquestd.c:126:   signal(SIGCLD, SIG_IGN);     /* allow children to die */
After changing the two occurences of SIGCLD above to SIGCHLD itbuilt fine. Cool game BTW!
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