[conquest] Mouse question

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Mon Apr 17 14:01:20 MDT 2006

         A Proposal... How would people generally feel if mouse support
         was added to conquestgl?

         Conquest has traditionally been a keyboard-only game, but this
         is 2006.  I think it might make it easier for new players to
         play if they could use the mouse for steering/aiming/firing,
         etc, like any other graphical game available today.

         Of course this would prbably be a big disadvantage to curses
         players.  Maybe this should be saved for the future when the
         curses client goes away?

         I do think sooner or later the curses client will need to go
         away.  Curses players are already at a disadvantage (except
         for WinterMute of course), when compared to GL players due to
         the increased information available (like other ship's phaser
         firing, shield status, etc).

         At anyrate: Mouse: Like it? Hate it?

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