[conquest] 8.0.1p (devel) is now available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Fri Nov 26 13:10:45 MST 2004

 	at http://radscan.com/conquest.html

 	This is another 8.1 pre-release candidate.  It adds a few features 
(server ping for the GL client) and corrects a few relatively minor bugs. 
It also enhances the meta protocol a little, allowing compatible protocol 
checking, server contact url/email address, and server localtime.

 	Here's the HISTORY snippet.

         - another 8.1 release candidate

         - added ping capability.  The GL client (conquestgl) will now
           ping the server every 2 seconds.  This measures the average
           TCP round-trip time (in ms) to the server and back.  To see
           the ping time, enable the status line in the cockpit by
           typing 'ALT-S' when playing.

         - update meta protocol to add 'contact' - (server operator
           contact), and 'walltime' (local server time) to the meta
           protocol.  The Meta protocol version is now at 2.  The meta
           protocol is backward compatible with all servers and
           clients so there should be no compatibility problems.

           With servers and clients that support the version 2 meta
           protocol, a check is now also done in the client's Server
           Select page to ensure that you will only be allowed to
           connect to servers that are protocol compatible with your
           client.  Incompatible servers will be highlighted in blue on
           the meta select page.  This is more for the future since no
           current incompatible server supports the v2 meta protocol

         - now disabling the SlingShot flag works in all cases like
           it's supposed to :)

         - added "server_contact=" to the system-wide conquestrc file.

         - fixed bogus towedby reports when you attempt to tow a ship,
           but you are already being towed.

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