[conquest] 8.0.1o (devel) is available...

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Sun Nov 21 17:42:29 MST 2004


 	Coming in fast and furious now.  That was quite the amazing 
Conquest game we had yesterday.  Hopefully we can do that again sometime 

 	This release adds the 8.0.1n 'real planet' fixes as well as a 
couple of other annoyances seen in yesterday's game.

Here's the relevant bits:

Version 8.0.1o 11/21/2004 (devel)

         - incorporates 8.0.1n patch that fixes protocol problem with
           letting the client know the true 'realness' of a planet.

         - fixed planet sending logic to account for newly scanned
           planets.  Previously, it could take up to 5 seconds for the
           client to be told the true army count of a planet that was
           just scanned for the first time.

           You should now get the real army count almost immediately
           after scanning a planet for the first time.

         - increased packet timeout waits for the initial server/client
           negotiation sequence that could cause problems connecting to
           a server with a high lag.  Where it used to only wait about
           10 seconds for the initial hello packets from the server, it
           now waits 60 seconds for example.  On a really laggy server
           it may take a minute or more to fully connect, by which time
           you will problably not want to play on that server anyway :)

         - small bug in curses client (conquest) that could cause
           problems if other than expected packets came in during
           welcome phase

         - In meta list, [ENTER] can be used as well as [TAB] to
           select a server to connect to.

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