[conquest] Conquest 8.0a (devel) is available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Thu Jan 8 20:03:31 MST 2004

	... on http://radscan.com/conquest.html

	It corrects one fairly serious bug, several less serious ones,
adds snprintf() support, and adds support for Windows OS's using Cygwin.
Here's the history snippet:

8.0a (devel)

        - fixed rather serious problem with dead() handling.  When you
          were killed by an external (ship, sun, etc), you could get
          stuck in dead() once your ship exploded.

          For this reason, the public server at conquest.radscan.com
          has been updated to this version.

        - fixed a VACANT check in conquestd:newship().  It might
          resolve an issue some users have seen where if their
          connection is terminated unexpectedly, they cannot reconnect
          to their ship for awhile ("already playing on another ship")
          because conquestd thinks it's still alive and active.

          If you still see this problem, let me know as well as a way
          to reproduce it.

        - fixed a stupid bug that prevented compilation on non-linux

        - added some casts for sa_addr in the network connection
          routines to eliminate some gcc warnings.

        - force 1-byte alignment of the packet structs.

        - a variety of other minor fixes and adjustments.

        - Cygwin support under MS Windows (tested with XP):

          - you will need the following cygwin packages to be
            installed in addition to the development kit (gcc,
            headers, etc):


            I think that is all, let me know if there are others I

          - You will need to be sure ipc_daemon2 (part of the cygipc
            package) is running before building/running conquest, or
            you will get semget() errors.

            Start it like so:

            ipc_daemon2 &

          - added better mmap() check for cygwin systems.  We don't
            care about MAP_FIXED in Conquest anyways, so who cares if
            it doesn't work.

          - default to 'Users" conquest group for cygwin.

          - isagod() checks pretty much disabled for conqoper.  If you
            can get a shell, you can run conqoper, as there is no
            root user.

          - deals with .exe extensions properly

          - packet.c - clientPackets[]/serverPackets[] struct arrays
            are statically defined and no longer exported.  cygwin's
            linker seems to have 'issues' with external references to
            struct arrays.

          - sem.c - some changes to deal with unimplemented cygwin
            semctl() operations.

          - rxvt's choice of colors seems to be off... non-bold white
            (from conquest's perspective) comes out as black.  The
            normal Cygwin console seems to work fine.


        - added patches from Clint Adams, adding portable snprintf()
          and friends.

        - fixed potential overrun (not a user exploitable one) in
          clog() - now uses snprintf as well.

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