[conquest] 8.0.1q is now available.

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Sun Dec 19 13:33:32 MST 2004

 	at the usual location,


 	This is probably a good one for server operators to upgrade to.

 	Here is the relevant portion of the release notes:

Version 8.0.1q 12/11/2004 (devel)

         - another in a long line of 8.1 release candidates

         - FEEDBACK messages (beaming/bombing, etc) are now sent
           directly from the server rather than being enqueued into the
           common block's message ring for later delivery.  This avoids
           alot of uneccessary lock contention, and makes sure the
           client gets feedback messages quickly, without making a trip
           through the common block.

         - a server's client update interrupts are now blocked when a
           lock is aquired, and unblocked when the lock is released.
           This avoids some potential races that could cause a lock to
           be held too long, or to be improperly interrupted.

         - fixed a couple of problems with counting geno's.  Reported
           by Cat.  Fed geno's were almost never counted properly.

         - when couping, re-couped planets should not be marked
           scannable by anything other than the coup'ing team.

         - when cloaked and in orbit, approximate location data was not
           available to other ships as it should be for any cloaked
           ship that is moving.

         - When a team is geno'd, all armies of that team still
           residing on live ships are also destroyed.  A message is
           sent to a team when it is genocided notifying them of this.

         - semaphore interface cleaned up

         - fixed potential core in GL.c when padding message lines.
           This could happen most often when getting (i)nfo or locking
           onto a planet.

         - recording/playback of planet 'realness' was broken.  Now it

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