[nas] NAS 1.9.4 (stable) released

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Mon Oct 7 12:58:10 MDT 2013

NAS 1.9.4 (stable) has been released.

After this release I will be creating a git repository and migrating
the NAS code from SVN to GIT.  Please do not commit any further
changes to the SVN repository.  I will post when the conversion is

Changes for this release:

Version 1.9.4 (stable) 10/07/2013

   - auerswald

     - Fix several potential security issues in the NAS server reported
       by Hamid Zamani <me at hamidx9.ir> to the NAS mailing list.

       See http://radscan.com/pipermail/nas/2013-August/001270.html for
       a description. In addition, CVE numbers have been defined for
       these issues:


     - Fixed some warnings while building some of the clients.

     - narrow a possible race condition in
       auvoxware.c:disableProcessFlow() reported by Paul Fox.

   - steve_mcintyre

     - add a format string to aulog.c (found using -Wformat-security

     - Don't preprocess man pages

   - Add proper includes in server/os/connection.c to prevent some
     compile warnings and a possible server coredump under the right
     conditions on x86_64 Linux systems.

Jon Trulson

   "I am become Grey.  I stand between the Darkness, and the Light.
    Between the Candle, and the Star."
                - Delen

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