[nas] Say yes to $AUDIODEV

James Lee list at oxdrove.co.uk
Sun Jun 24 04:45:28 MDT 2012


I want to redirect the audio output of Firefox when running on a remote
machine, obviously $DISPLAY handles the visual.  From what I can tell
nasd needs an NAS aware program and FF isn't.

I know Firefox uses the env var AUDIODEV as its audio output device
(shown when I use a SunRay which creates pseudo audio devices in /tmp
connected to the SunRay's speaker(s)).

Is it possible to create a device that acts like /dev/audio, pointed to
by $AUDIODEV, that captures, redirects or otherwise injects to nasd?

I tried creating a simple FIFO (mkfifo(1)) as the AUDIODEV but Firefox
stalls, presumably it expects to read parameters back and not just fopen
and write.  It must be possible to create an audio device that does this
but I was hoping not to write from scratch!  Does NAS help here?  Any
other ideas?


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