[nas] Problems Building NAS on OS X: Undefined symbols

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Wed Jul 2 10:39:43 MDT 2008

On Wed, 2 Jul 2008, Audun Mathias Øygard wrote:

> Thanks, but it seems libXt.dylib is installed already in the folder
> /usr/X11R6/lib/
> Any clue why it is not recognizing it? Path-related problems?

   It looks like it (libXt) is not even being included in the 'cc' line
   below.  I wish I had a Mac OSX box to port this too :(

   At anyrate, either libXt needs to be included on the link line
   below, or some magical option needs to be supplied, telling the link
   line below not to worry about undefined symbols (until run-time
   linking takes place).

   I know with gcc at least, you could include options like:
   '-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lXt -lX11' (you might need other '-l's
   depending) to do this.

> -Audun
> On 7/2/08, Erik Auerswald <auerswal at unix-ag.uni-kl.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Wed, Jul 02, 2008 at 12:02:09PM +0200, Audun Mathias Øygard wrote:
>>> I´m trying to set up a Mac Mini as a NAS server, however I have problems
>>> building NAS. It seems the problems start during compilation with
>> undefined
>>> symbols:
>>> + /usr/bin/cc -o ./libaudio.2.4.dylib~ -dynamiclib -install_name
>>> /usr/X11/lib/libaudio.2.dylib -current_version 2.4 -compatibility_version
>>> 2.4 AlibAsync.o Alibint.o AuErrDes.o AuFreeEData.o CloseSvr.o ConnSvr.o
>>> CrFlow.o DesFlow.o Flush.o HandleEv.o IDOfEvent.o KillClient.o
>> NextEvent.o
>>> OpenSvr.o ReqEvent.o ScanEvents.o ScanTEvent.o SetElState.o GetElState.o
>>> SetElement.o GetElement.o SvrName.o Sync.o Xtutil.o ReadEl.o WriteEl.o
>>> Util.o SetElParms.o GetDevAttr.o SetDevAttr.o CrBucket.o DesBucket.o
>>> GetBucAttr.o ListBucket.o ListDevice.o GetSvrTime.o SetClsDwnMd.o
>>> GetClsDwnMd.o convutil.o fileutil.o monitor.o bcache.o globals.o
>> Astreams.o
>>> ErrHndlr.o snd.o wave.o voc.o aiff.o 8svx.o sound.o soundlib.o mutex.o
>>> Undefined symbols:
>>>   "_XtAppAddWorkProc", referenced from:
>>>   __au_xt_synchandler in Xtutil.o
>>>   __au_xt_eventenqhandler in Xtutil.o
>>>   "_XtAppAddInput", referenced from:
>>>   _AuXtAppAddAudioHandler in Xtutil.o
>>>   "_XauGetBestAuthByAddr", referenced from:
>>>   __AuConnectServer in ConnSvr.o
>>>   "_XauDisposeAuth", referenced from:
>>>   __AuConnectServer in ConnSvr.o
>>>   "_XtRemoveInput", referenced from:
>>>   _AuXtAppRemoveAudioHandler in Xtutil.o
>>>   "_XtRemoveWorkProc", referenced from:
>>>   _AuXtAppRemoveAudioHandler in Xtutil.o
>>>   _AuXtAppRemoveAudioHandler in Xtutil.o
>>> ld: symbol(s) not found
>> The linker does not find libXt (libXt.dylib on MacOS X?).
>>> Does anyone have experience with installing NAS in OS X?
>> I don't, sorry.
>>> Also, I have installed X11 2.2.3 (from XQuartz), where xmkmf is not
>>> included, so had to install Fink xmkmf to get installation to work. Don´t
>>> know if this has anything to do with the problems.
>> This might be part of the problem. You need to install the required libs,
>> I just don't know how the MacOS X packages containing them are called.
>> Erik

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