[nas] Problems Building NAS on OS X: Undefined symbols

Erik Auerswald auerswal at unix-ag.uni-kl.de
Wed Jul 2 05:09:53 MDT 2008


On Wed, Jul 02, 2008 at 12:02:09PM +0200, Audun Mathias Øygard wrote:
> I´m trying to set up a Mac Mini as a NAS server, however I have problems
> building NAS. It seems the problems start during compilation with undefined
> symbols:
> + /usr/bin/cc -o ./libaudio.2.4.dylib~ -dynamiclib -install_name
> /usr/X11/lib/libaudio.2.dylib -current_version 2.4 -compatibility_version
> 2.4 AlibAsync.o Alibint.o AuErrDes.o AuFreeEData.o CloseSvr.o ConnSvr.o
> CrFlow.o DesFlow.o Flush.o HandleEv.o IDOfEvent.o KillClient.o NextEvent.o
> OpenSvr.o ReqEvent.o ScanEvents.o ScanTEvent.o SetElState.o GetElState.o
> SetElement.o GetElement.o SvrName.o Sync.o Xtutil.o ReadEl.o WriteEl.o
> Util.o SetElParms.o GetDevAttr.o SetDevAttr.o CrBucket.o DesBucket.o
> GetBucAttr.o ListBucket.o ListDevice.o GetSvrTime.o SetClsDwnMd.o
> GetClsDwnMd.o convutil.o fileutil.o monitor.o bcache.o globals.o Astreams.o
> ErrHndlr.o snd.o wave.o voc.o aiff.o 8svx.o sound.o soundlib.o mutex.o
> Undefined symbols:
>   "_XtAppAddWorkProc", referenced from:
>   __au_xt_synchandler in Xtutil.o
>   __au_xt_eventenqhandler in Xtutil.o
>   "_XtAppAddInput", referenced from:
>   _AuXtAppAddAudioHandler in Xtutil.o
>   "_XauGetBestAuthByAddr", referenced from:
>   __AuConnectServer in ConnSvr.o
>   "_XauDisposeAuth", referenced from:
>   __AuConnectServer in ConnSvr.o
>   "_XtRemoveInput", referenced from:
>   _AuXtAppRemoveAudioHandler in Xtutil.o
>   "_XtRemoveWorkProc", referenced from:
>   _AuXtAppRemoveAudioHandler in Xtutil.o
>   _AuXtAppRemoveAudioHandler in Xtutil.o
> ld: symbol(s) not found

The linker does not find libXt (libXt.dylib on MacOS X?).

> Does anyone have experience with installing NAS in OS X?

I don't, sorry.

> Also, I have installed X11 2.2.3 (from XQuartz), where xmkmf is not
> included, so had to install Fink xmkmf to get installation to work. Don´t
> know if this has anything to do with the problems.

This might be part of the problem. You need to install the required libs,
I just don't know how the MacOS X packages containing them are called.


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