[nas] Help with Xine Lib & NAS

Dave Richards drichard at largo.com
Tue Jul 12 12:44:28 MDT 2005

      We are in kind of a pinch because the audiooss LD_PRELOAD library
seems to be having problems on newer versions of Linux.   Something at a
very low level seems to have changed and now you can't redirect sounds
meant for /dev/dsp to the NAS channel.  My testing was performed on Suse

    What I am really trying to do is get the xine-lib to talk to NAS so
that I can deploy video clips to our entire City.   I have totem built,
and the video portion is working perfectly over remote display to our
thin clients -- but I can't redirect the sound anymore.   So, I wanted
to see if anyone that knows C could contribute to the xine project a nas
plugin.  There is a directory in xine-lib called audio_out and in there
they have drivers for all of the audio formats except NAS. :(  It seems
like all it needs is a .c file built with references to the NAS
libraries and then some command line arguments to allow me to specify
--enable-nas when it's being built.

  I would do this myself if I could, and feel that it would be useful
for all of us once finished.  Xine and Totem play almost all video
formats and works really well.

If anyone can work this project and help, please contact me and we can
discuss.  If you have problems sending email to this address, my
alternate address is flbeachlf at yahoo.com. 

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