[nas] segfault on amd64

David Liontooth liontooth at cogweb.net
Fri Dec 31 21:28:52 MST 2004

Jon Trulson wrote:

> On Fri, 31 Dec 2004, David Liontooth wrote:
>     In your scenario, you would set DISPLAY to point toward the 
> machine with the Xserver running on it before starting an X11 app, yes?

Not really -- it's handled automatically. Just trying to say people 
could be using X11 remote and have no clue how it really works.

> ...the sequence you would need would be more like:
>     On machine 'A':
>         nasd -aa &
>     On Machine 'B':
>         export AUDIOSERVER=A:0
>         xmms (if nas plugin is installed)
Perfect. Thank you. That clears it all up -- and it's working! I used 
(alsaplayer -o nas), as the xmms-nas plugin isn't in debian.

I really appreciate the help.  It's great to have this working.

For the Debian README, I suggest something like this:

    If you want to play music on "frodo" and listen to it on "gandalf",

    *  on gandalf (the NAS server),
                - apt-get install nas nas-doc nas-bin
                - nasd -aa &
    *  on frodo (the NAS client),
                - export AUDIOSERVER="gandalf:0"
                - auplay <some wav file> (to test)
                - apt-get install alsaplayer-nas
                - alsaplayer -o nas

These instructions would have saved me hours; they are unfortunately
not intuitive to naive users like myself.

Now some mopping up:

1. How do I set permissions?

If I run NAS from init.d, as it is designed to do in the Debian sid 
package, I get

audiolib:  connection to "tcp/sigillo:8000" refused by server
audiolib:  Client is not authorized to connect to Server

2.  How do I stop skipping?

The sound skips every time there's some processor demand; how can I 
reduce skips?
I reniced nasd on the server to an extreme -19 and the skips are gone -- 
any other ways?

3. How do I use apps that don't have a NAS plugin?

xawtv -noxv works, but none of the tv apps have nas plugins.
Debian sid includes the package audiooss -- is that the only way?


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