[nas] GNOME/XD2 To NAS & Other NAS Things.

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Mon Sep 22 18:28:30 MDT 2003

On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, David Richards wrote:

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> Subject: [nas] GNOME/XD2 To NAS & Other NAS Things.
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> Hello-
>    Is anyone doing some work to get ESD working with NAS in the same way
> that Erik made it work with OSS (a LD_PRELOAD)?
>    We are looking at converted our thin clients from KDE to GNOME/XD2
> because it is more tightly integrated into Evolution and OpenOffice and
> it would be nice to be able to include sound support from the desktop
> environment.

	No!!! Not GNOME!!!  (Sorry, thought I'd just start a session war
for fun ;-)

	Have you seen Laurence Vivier's esound patch?  It adds a
DEVICE_NAS output to the esound daemon.  I sent a pointer to the patch to
the list a few months ago.  He did the original work under AIX, but in my
brief perusal of the code, it seems like it would require very few changes
to work on Linux...  It does play the 'interception' game though by
hooking syscalls.

	You can pick it up at

	He didn't want to bother to submit it to the esound guys for
obvious reasons ;-)

>    In other news, I'm working with Neoware right now to try and get NAS
> added to their thin clients.  They are running a micro Linux OS and it
> shouldn't be too bad to add NAS to them.

	That would be great!  Think they'll do it?

	On a related note perhaps - anybody tried running a NAS server on
an HP Digital Entertainment Center (DEC)?  I got an email from a guy who
seemed to think it was NAS enabled, but that seems unlikely.  It uses a
custom linux, and from the various forums I read, you can login to it and
install software (some were installing apache on it).  The device itself
is just a new component for your AV rack - plays mp3, connects to the
internet over built-in ethernet, burns CD's, just add water - makes it's
own sauce...  Looked like a fun toy.

	Of course they are being discontinued now...


>    NCD terminals are all over Ebay for those of you that want to play.
> If you bid, try and get these Explora models: 401, 450, 451, 452, 701.
> These are 16 bit devices.  The black colored Explora and ExploraPro
> models are 8 bit devices.  If anyone has interest in 8 bit Exploras with

	Bits CPU or color depth? I assume color depth? ;-)

> NAS drop me a line.  We have a huge box of them that were upgraded to 16
> bit devices via Ebay and maybe we can work out a deal to sell the whole
> lot.
> Regards!
> Dave Richards
> City of Largo, Florida.

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