[nas] Re: Bug#207659: hppa: cannot connect to host: connection refused

Steve McIntyre steve at einval.com
Mon Sep 8 08:02:41 MDT 2003

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On Mon, Sep 08, 2003 at 04:58:37PM +0300, Martin-?ric Racine wrote:
>Nope.  Got nowhere.  I ended up modifying the wrapper script to start with the
>"alcoholic anonymous" option on.  After that, I managed to get alsaplayer-nas to
>send something to nasd, but it came out as very loud garbage whose amplitude
>changed as I fiddled with the Alsaplayer sliders. 
>Could that be caused by endian differences between i386 and hppa (the X session
>was running on i386, while hppa acted as the terminal running nasd)?

I don't _think_ so - I believe it's all meant to be big endian to
match normal network traffic.

>Btw, those NAS developers should figure out a stategy to transparently handle
>authentication e.g. when logging on by remote via GDM, KDM or XDM.  Given that
>the DISPLAY environment variable is automatically exported when using such a
>display manager in indirect mode, one would think that e.g. KDE would then
>automagically know where to find its audio device, but in practice this fails.
>My suggestion is that the AUDIOSERVER variable should be abandoned and, instead,
>the host identified by DISPLAY should be presumed as providing the NAS daemon,
>at the DISPLAY+8000 port. Authentication should also be left to the X session
>itself to handle, not to a separate authentication token just for NAS.

I believe that's the way that it's _meant_ to work, actually. If
you've made no progress at all then there's probably a real bug in
there. Jon, any thoughts?

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