[nas] NAS 1.6a (devel) is now available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Tue Dec 23 00:45:02 MST 2003

	.. at http://radscan.com/nas.html

	Sorry for the delay...

	It includes some patches sent in as well as ANSIfication of
libaudio.  Here is the release notes snippet:

12/24/2003 1.6a

        - preparing a long overdue development release

        - ANSI'ification of libaudio.  What a fun, tedeous job.  There
          were a few errors in libaudio that were pointed out.

          There seemed to be some confusion with the order of
          arguments to the AuSoundRecordToFile*() functions.

          The function declarations were made to match the prototype
          definition and the man page.

        - Modified Scott Presnell's patch to not enable BSD44SOCKETS
          on Linux or SVR4 systems. There are some structure members
          used that are not present on these (and perhaps other)

          If you run into compilation problems with ConnSvr.c relating
          to invalid structure members, look at the define of
          BSD44SOCKETS in Imakefile and correct for your system as
          needed.  Oh, send me the patch as well? :)

        - auvoxware

          - added some more useful debugging info.  If you get the old
            'cannot create audio block connection info" try running
            nasd with '-v -d 99' and see what the real error is.

          - certain ioctl() requests are no longer fatal (like
            Recording may not work properly if these fail though.


        - added patch from Marty Leisner cleaning up a couple of error
          messages in server/os/connection.c


	- added a patch to the contrib section by Laurent Vivier - this
          patch adds NAS support to the esound daemon on AIX systems.
          Should be reasonably portable to other platforms as well.

          Rumor has it that the Ximian folks are adding this support
          officially into esound.


	- set timer in auvoxware.c to trigger when 50% of the samples
          are predicted to be consumed... This hopefully will help
          with underruns on some systems/OS's...  I'm not sure why
          this is happening on those systems (it's not happened on any
          of the systems I've used NAS on), so this should probably
          be considered a harmless workaround.


	- Patch from Scott Presnell to set BSD44SOCKETS properly for


	- patch from Steve McIntyre correcting a typo in Xtutil.h

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