[nas] libao support for NAS?

Erik Inge Bolsø knan at mo.himolde.no
Tue Mar 26 02:23:49 MST 2002

On Mon, 25 Mar 2002, Paul Fox wrote:
> > > it _does_ have ESD support, and apparently ESD can go remote.  has
> > > anyone compared esd and nas?
> >
> > 	I had *heard* it was a fairly simple library for playing samples,
> > and it had an endianess problem with remote hosts (non-intel).  This was
> > awhile ago so things may have changed.  How about Erik's libaudiooss?
>it seems to be more than that now -- when i asked the folks listed
>as libao authors about nas, they said "we all use esd for remote

Not surprising, since it still is default with Gnome, but in
"maintenance-only" mode ... it is generally agreed by the "desktop
environment" people that ARTS is the future, I think. At least both kde
and gnome are (going to use / using) it.

LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project)
<URL: http://www.ltsp.org/index.php >
on the other hand, lets you choose between using ESD or NAS on your
diskless netbooting workstation. If using NAS, it uses libaudiooss
on top automatically. Apparently, they've done this for a little while :)

> > Wouldn't that work pretty well?  Or we could just add NAS support to
> > mpg321 (or whatever)...
>it may well be that libaudiooss would work -- i haven't tried it.  it
>just seems like a native implementation would be cleaner, but maybe

Works fine for me, both for vorbis, mplayer and whatnot. But of course,
native support is cleaner. Haven't tobias done something like that, for
mplayer, since I think that uses libao and supports nas? It might be a
standalone plugin, of course...

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