[nas] [Announce] libaudiooss 1.1.0

Erik Inge Bolsø knan at mo.himolde.no
Fri Mar 22 13:43:45 MST 2002

Well then, forked off a development tree now that 1.0.0 is out.

We now have recording support! (Another Tobias patch, somewhat worse for
wear) Probably not for the faint of heart yet, and totally untested beyond
"it compiles, and output still works" by me, but anyway...

(1.1.0) Recording support - wavr is alleged to work. Very lightly tested -
        but it compiles. Break it, pick up the pieces, fix it :)

Anyone who wants to contribute - please do!

All comments, questions, success stories, beer, hate mail, etc. welcome.
Brown or red ale, for preference :)

For those unfamiliar with the project:
Libaudiooss is a transparent OSS sound driver emulation on top of NAS.
Mainly for Linux, though success and failure stories from other OS'es are

Available from the usual places:
<URL: http://romeo.skybert.no/~erik/linux.html >
<URL: http://www.mo.himolde.no/~knan/linux.html >

Erik I. Bolsø | email: <knan at mo.himolde.no>
The UNIX philosophy basically involves giving you enough rope to
hang yourself.  And then a couple of feet more, just to be sure.

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