[nas] NAS 1.5e (development) is now available.

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Sun Jul 7 16:56:34 MDT 2002

	Version 1.5e, a development release is now available at
http://www.radscan.com/nas.html in the usual place.

	The main new addition is support for Cygwin under MS Windows
systems, provided by Nicolas Escuder.  This includes the NAS server
(nasd) as well as libaudio.  ;-)

	There is a link on the NAS links page for aquiring pre-compiled
windows binaries.  

	There are other fixes and additions including support for daemon
mode (-b), a new '-local' option, etc.

	Here is the current CHANGES file:

1.5e    7/7/2002

	- added patch from Nicolas Escuder that adds support for
          Windows operating systems using Cygwin.  Even the NAS server
          is now supported.  There are still issues with building
          regarding Imake, but once I can get more information, I'll
          fix those up.

	  Read the README.CYGWIN file in the nas/ directory for
	  instructions.  I will provide a link on the nas-links page
	  to precompiled windows binaries for libaudio.dll, nasd, and
	  some clients - provided by Nicolas.

	- based on idea from Nicolas, added background (-b) mode to
          nasd, to force it to run in the background.  Actually, he
          supplied a patch, but I just redid it to work properly with unix

	  If you want to see error messages from nasd while starting
	  up, do not run it in daemon mode or you won't see the error
	  messages as stdout/stderr are closed.  Someday, I'll track
	  down all of these and have them use osLogMsg(), which would
	  work regardless.

	- added NAS_AUDIOMSGFILE in config/NasConfig.h to specify
          where audio messages are stored (ADMPATH in os/osinit.c).

	- Yes, we are at 1.5e now. Sorry I didn't release 1.5b-d.  Was
          a little busy with the day job ;-)
1.5d    6/1/2002

	- added .ps -> .pdf conversions in doc/pdf/

	- added html versions of man pages in doc/html/

1.5c    3/27/2002

	- removed Xtutil[hc] from libaudio and removed references to
          Xtutil.h in the  clients.  Suggestion by Paul Fox.

1.5b    3/16/2002

        - added patch from Marco Molteni to add a '-local' option to
	  nasd.  Specifying this option allows only local clients to

        - fix nasd.man to describe this and other supported options.

        - moved allow_any_host into the NasConfig struct.  Along with
          the new '-local' option.

1.5a    2/23/2002

	- more STARTSERVER fixes - there was still one case where when
          STARTSERVER was defined, nasd could be called with the wrong
          display number due to a bug in _AuConnectServer.

	- changed LEX/YACC DEBUG token to CDEBUG to avoid conflicts
          when building nas with '-DDEBUG'

	- DEFAULT_AUSERVER is now ":0" rather than
          "tcp/localhost:8000".  A local socket connection will startup
          faster than a tcp connection.
	- mutex.h
		- corrected unixware 7.x build problem
                  (XMUTEX_INITIALIZER) in mutex.h 
		- added same check for sun/solaris boxes
		- got rid of XUSE_MTSAFE_API - now controlled by
                  NAS_USEMTSAFEAPI defined in config/NasConfig.h

		  If you think you are having mutex problems, you can
		  edit config/NasConfig.h and '#undef'
		  NAS_USEMTSAFEAPI, then rebuild everthing.  This will
		  turn off threadsafety in libaudio.

	- added patch from Tobias Diedrich to fix deadlock in

	- added new mutex in audio/Alibint.c to protect
          _AuReadEvents() since it can no longer rely on the server
          lock as a result of Tobias's patch above.

	- added new option, 'gain', to config file in the input/output
          sections.  This sets the default gains when nasd starts up
          (if MixerInit is enabled).  Only in voxware for now.


	added -lXt and -lXau to the lib dependancy for libaudio.so on
	Linux systems per a request from Lorenzo Delana.


	- fixed bug in ConnSvr.c that could cause the wrong server
          number to passed to nasd when STARTSERVER is defined.


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