[nas] multiple dsp devices under linux?

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Wed Jan 9 21:51:01 MST 2002

>     beep_device: <dsp device>
>         The sound device through which to play the beep sounds.
>         This cannot be the same device which mpg123 uses.  I 
> 	use /dev/dsp1.  Note that most sound drivers provide
> 	multiple dsp devices.
> the last line is news to me.  in particular, i would like
> very much to run the nas server on one audio device, and
> have a second device available for use by non-nas-aware
> applications.  is it really true that most linux sound
> drivers have multiple entry points?  

No, when they say device, I'm pretty sure they mean hardware device. 
For example, if you have two physical sound cards, then one will be
/dev/dsp, and the other will be /dev/dsp1. I don't think you are
suggesting getting a second sound card just to support non-NAS program.

To suggest a different solution, have you played with audiooss?  Despite
the warning on that config line, you should be able to just specify
/dev/dsp if you are running the program under audiooss.  (Although IMHO,
it's too bad they don't ask for a beep *command*!)

Lex Spoon

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