[Conquest] Game enhancements (robots)

Matt Adams matt at stuffbymatt.ca
Sun Sep 2 19:16:36 MDT 2012

Jon Trulson <jon at radscan.com> writes:

> Hmm.. what if multiple people give the robot conflicting commands?  

A conflicting directive given by another team player will override the
previous directive.

I like this behaviour because it mirrors what happens in real life.  If
the "real" players can't be organized and issue commands that make sense
and coordinate their strategy, it follows that the robots will reflect

Orders will be ignored in cases where Conquest rules and program logic
dictate that the robot do something else altogether (ships run by robots
don't always follow orders because they may have something else more
pressing to do, such as repair or refuel).

> I assume this would only work for a robot on the same team - and
> robots cannot attack planets. :) Would be interesting to see what you
> come up with though...

Yes, it only works if the robot is on the same team as the player
issuing the directive and the player has more kills.  I think this makes
sense (robots follow those who are more experienced).

Robot's cannot attack planets in the current implementation.  Maybe that
becomes a server option when the appropriate AI logic is added.?

> I always though it would be nice if a lone player on a server could
> call up a robot to battle with.

I was thinking of having automatic robot generation based on a random
roll of the dice by the driver (influenced by the number of armies
controlled by a team).  

Robot's won't be created when players are absent.  This will prevent the
universe from becoming too populated.

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